Our Story

When I was a little girl growing up in Corpus Christi, Texas, my parents loved to entertain and my mother Cleopatra, yes that’s her birth name, always looked incredibly gorgeous while doing so. She was the epitome of grace and style.

I was completely captivated by the power and influence my mother held over the room as the ultimate hostess.  Mama was queen of her queendom- royal, elegant, charming, and always well dressed. She would buzz around from guest to guest making sure everyone was perfectly comfortable.  That’ actually how I came up with my company name Purple Bee. Purple for royalty how you should treat your guest, and bee because every woman should be the queen bee of her home.


Cleopatra Smith "Mama"

Once I got my first home, I finally had the opportunity to become queen of my own castle. And like mama, I loved to entertain. But I soon became confused as to how she did it so effortlessly.  I tragically stained many of my favorite pieces while trying to be the hostess with mostess. 

Soon my first product was born a clear apron that allowed me to show off my pretty dress, but also an apron that would protect me from the accidents that that frequently occurred in the kitchen.

My First Collection of  Aprons


Shortly after donning my new creation my family, friends, and colleagues were asking me to make them their own aprons; I begin designing not only vinyl aprons but flirty aprons in cute and colorful prints.Through word of mouth, I started getting orders from strangers. To my surprise my hobby was quickly becoming a business; Purple Bee Designs was born.

In 2011 Mama, my sister, and I decided to make this dream a reality so we loaded up a U-Haul with Purple Bee aprons and other kitchen accessories that I designed and hit the great American highway. We participate in Junior League shows, Chi Omega Christmas Markets and various markets throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma for years.  In 2014, I was overjoyed to hear that Purple Bee Designs was invited to become a wholesaler in the Dallas Market Center. I now had the opportunity to present my apron line which had evolved into a kitchen line, to the world.




After years of only wholesaling, I want to directly bring Purple Bee Designs to you as well as other carefully curated items that reflect the Purple Bee spirit.   Everything in our boutique exudes warmth, charm, elegance, and luxury - all at an affordable price. 


Welcome to Purple Bees Boutique!

With Love,