Pruning Your Life

My mother loved to garden, especially her roses.  Each and every spring she would prune her garden of weeds and dead wood with patience and care.  She explained that pruning was vital to keeping a garden vibrant, alive and most importantly it encouraged new growth.

2020 forced me to do some pruning of my own. Not of my little balcony garden but of my life.  I pruned friendships that no longer served me,  my home of decorative items that failed to reflect my true taste, my hair of heat so that my natural curl pattern could emerge, and my closet of clothes and shoes that I've outgrown literally and figuratively.  

This pruning forced me to truly figure out what I LOVED.

It wasn't easy, but I am so much happier.

 How to Prune Your Life in 3 Simple Steps

1. Prune anything in your home that does not reflect YOU.  Often, we hold onto items gifted to us out of obligation or we refuse to let somethings go because "hey, I spent good money on it.  Even though it no longer suits me.” LET IT GO! Donate it and let it find its way into the hands of someone who will cherish it.  

2. Prune toxic friendships and relationships.  This is a hard one and I am no psychologist. But 2020 really shone a light on those people that meant a lot to me.  They were the ones whom I called when I was scared, mad, bored, and sad.  And to be honest that group was quite smaller than I expected.  In the age of social media, we are often led to believe we have more "friends" than we actually do. I have been cultivating and nurturing those few people who are what I like to call my "3 a.m." friends.  Folks I know will answer my call no matter the time of day. LET GO of the  friendships with no substance and only fluff. 

3. Prune yourself of negative self talk!  My sister has a seven year old and she often uses a mirror marker to write positive messages for her daughter to read in the morning. "You are beautiful" "You have a purpose" "You make me smile."  I realized that this is something I can do for myself.  May sound corny, but I am writing love notes to myself. My mirror is framed with sticky notes reminding me to love myself, to pursue my purpose, and that I am loved by God.  On this day of Love, don't wait for someone else to tell you that you are loved, tell your own damn self.  I will tell you too--YOU ARE LOVED!

This Valentine's day I encourage you to spend some time showing love to yourself by doing a little pruning of your own. 

Have a wonderful Valentines day!